Sir Derek Jacobi … I could just go crawl in a hole and die. Words can not describe how sexy this man is. From a 12th century monk to a Rome Emperor to Claude Frollo, this man has always captured my lust.

I’m a history addict; love to learn and discovery the past. So my many obsessions brings me to old movies, books, and anything that’s not modern. And to my glee, Derek Jacobi has played many historical figures, blending my passion for history and older men into one; I’m in bliss heaven.

I’ve recently come across a tv series, Cadfael—oh I just adore him. Just want to reach through the screen and kiss him on the cheek… . And as Claude Frollo in Hunchback of Notre Dame—an lawful and obedient man until his sights come upon a young gypsy girl and falls into a swirling turbine of lust and sins of the flesh… . its like, all my fantasies coming true… . For me, Derek Jacobi is ageless and forever a sexy beast in my book.

I am currently trying to find a copy of I, Claudius at my local library and if my lucky, a taping of Derek Jacobi audiobook. I’ve listen to previews of it; his deep voice is so smooth and sexy I could just melt.

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